Black Shag Sherpas


We are an evolution from an earlier band, the Furies (you can still see their info and hear tracks at But now, it’s all new band members except for OF – that’s “original Furies” – Mark Edberg. The sound is different, and new tunes are brewing. Black Shag Sherpas is versatile, rhythmic, melodic, funky and pushy at the same time, with the male-female vocal mix that worked well with the Furies. It’s not light pop, yet it’s easy to hear. We get into it, and we care about what’s going on in the world outside.

And the name? Oh, who knows. Have you ever tried to agree on a band name? Well, we can tell you this: A black shag is a bird, from New Zealand (the Maori people call it a Kawau). Yes, it’s black. And sherpas?  You may know them as famous Nepali mountaineering guides. So there it is.


Mark Edberg: Guitars, vocals, sometime single reed player

David Lebow: Bass

Evan Jacobson: Drums

Max Welker: Keyboard and guitar

Elizabeth Andrade: Vocals

David Weinraub: Keyboard (on EP)


In memorium: To Toni Dahan, our former conga/percussion player.